Starcut Ciders Roll Out

This is it, the episode we’ve all been waiting for! We’re finally talking Starcut Ciders and who better to rap about this new brand of hard cider than Joe Short, Matt Drake, Tony Hansen, and Ryan Hale. Joe and Matt sit in the host chair this week to pick Tony and Ryan’s brains about the new cider division and explain to us just how Starcut came to be.

From previous episodes, we all know that Tony Hansen grew up on a farm making wine and cider before becoming the Head Brewer at Short’s. And Ryan… well he’s crazy experimental with just about everything. This is a fantastic episode that will give the craft beverage enthusiast a great education on what it takes to start making cider. A one word answer to what it takes would be PASSION; hot, sticky, juicy, PASSION.

The music you’ll hear on this episode was kindly provided by The Appleseed Collective who is performing at the pub on Saturday May 30th at 8:30pm. They just recorded a live album at The Ark in Ann Arbor, and you’ll hear their song “Bad Man.”

Tyler Glaze gets weird and talks about this weeks beer release, “Alien Einstein.” It’s crafted to reduce gluten for all of you living with gluten intolerance.

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2 thoughts on “Starcut Ciders Roll Out”

  1. Carol says:

    Thank you for paying attention to those of us for whom wheat gluten is the devil. Cider is good but beer is better!

  2. Reid Baxter says:

    I have tried several Starcut Ciders (I don’t drink beer) and Oct0Rok is by far my favorite. I am thrilled to hear that it may be a flagship. I would definitely buy it bottled.

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