Talking Pizza at the Pub

People love the pub. They love the beer, they love the atmosphere, and they absolutely love the pizza! Short’s is currently in the midst of a pizza revolution of sorts. On this episode, you’ll hear about the years of research that have gone into crafting the perfect Short’s pizza.

Woj and Bridgett sit down with Head Chef, Luke Meredith, and Cellar Manager, Forrest Moline, to talk about Short’s pizza menu. Throughout a thorough and lengthy development process, the Short’s crew has taken road trips to far away places to research a wide variety of pizza styles before developing, and now fine tuning their new recipe. If you’re a lover of the ZA, give this episode a listen. We’re always looking for feedback on the conversations, and the pizza at Short’s!

Snake Juice (6.9% ABV – 64 IBU) is a pale orange-colored IPA brewed with Sidama and Yirgacheffe coffee beans from Higher Grounds Trading Company hits store shelves this week. It’s a truly unique beer that is getting rave reviews all across the great state of Michigan. Pick up a sixer at your favorite local beverage purveyor.