2016 Holiday Mixed Sixer

The holiday season is finally upon us! You know what that means? It’s time to debut our extra special, holiday themed mixed-sixer. Filled with malt, spice, and everything nice, this sixer runs the flavor gamut from spruce filled to rich and dark. Read on to see what you and the Short’s brew crew will be sipping on this December.

Juicy Tree: Is it Christmas if you aren’t drinking a bottle of Juicy Tree? I’m hoping somebody can answer this for us as it’s been years since we dared make it through the holiday season without this experimental India Pale Ale. Brewed with hand-picked Blue Spruce tips, cranberries, and juniper berries, Juicy Tree is the embodiment of the season in fermented form. Distributed in late November, there’s still some Juicy Tree left on store shelves. Get it now or be forever filled with holiday regret.

*BONUS* If you’re looking for a holiday inspired beverage of the cider variety, look no further. On Friday, December 16th, we’ll be releasing Starcut Ciders Erraticus 7, a wild cider fermented with apples and aged on Northern Michigan Blue Spruce tips. Translation: It’s literally Christmas tree cider! Bottles of Erraticus 7 will only be available at the pub and Short’s Mart. Make your way to Bellaire to get one for yourself.

Aorta Ale: A member of our Imperial Beer Series, Aorta Ale is a Double Red Ale with bold flavors of Cascade hops and sweet malt, and a dark reddish-brown color. Share your heart (beer) this holiday season with friends and family. Six-packs of Aorta Ale are slated to hit store shelves mid month.

The Liberator: Released this week, it’s no stretch to call The Liberator one of our most sought after brews. Originally brewed as a secret birthday beer for Joe Short, the name “The Liberator” was proposed by Leah Short as a nod to Joe and Jon “Woj” Wojtowicz who worked to educate the masses about craft beer prior to the introduction of Short’s Liberation team. Want to learn more about The Liberator? Check out this episode of Short’s Cast.

Bim Bam Boom: Our next variety pack is slated to hit stores later this month. It’s hard to pass up the opportunity to sample 4 Short’s brews (3 bottles each) and especially so when one of those beers is Bim Bam Boom. Inspired by a tasty chocolate bar consumed by resident deliciousness expert, Erin Reicha, Bim Bam Boom is a rich and dark Stout brewed with cacao nibs, cayenne pepper, and orange. Try Bim Bam Boom alongside Ester, Small Heath, and MMMKAY this month.

Good Humans: Celebrate the bestest of humans this holiday season by toasting with Good Humans! A Dry Hopped Double Brown Ale, Good Humans will hit store shelves later this month as The Double Magician makes it’s final disappearing act.

Space Rock: We couldn’t highlight our favorite Short’s holiday brews without giving a shout out to Space Rock. Whether you’re headed out for an intergalactic snowmobile ride or enjoying some beers by the fire, this 5% ABV American Pale Ale is the perfect brew for a marathon day of holiday celebrations. Find Space Rock on tap, in bottles and cans in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin year round.