An Ode to The National Park

As much as we love that doors reopened in Washington DC yesterday, we’re even more excited for the gates that swung open at National Parks throughout the United States. We were beginning to grow all too weary of those gates looking like this:


The reopening of National Parks, Shorelines, and Monuments resonates closely with the crew at Short’s. In addition to all of the state and regional protected natural areas that we frequent, the national parks stand for an appreciation of natural beauty that we hold close to our hearts. We find inspiration in that beauty whether we’re mountain biking, backpacking, or kayaking. Being outside is where we connect with the aesthetics that drive our creative process.

So go on, get outside, and enjoy the fact that the bickering in Washington has eased up enough to allow us to do the things we love where we love doing them. Like this:

Epic Paddle