Anniversary Party Parking/Transportation

Safe and efficient travel is going to be an important aspect of the overall enjoyment of the Short’s 10th Anniversary Party. We at Short’s are nothing if not safe and efficient. This page lays out options for parking and transportation that all party-goers are encouraged to consider for optimization of happiness.

[Quick Link]: Traverse City Transportation Reservation Site

Park and Walk: The suggested lots for parking and walking to the event are in the three lots surrounding the Bellaire county building and the Bellaire Middle/High School lots. These lots are free to park in, but there will not be shuttles running to and from the party.

Park and Ride: There will be two shuttle lots during the event. To the north, St. Luke’s Catholic Church will be a shuttle lot with parking spaces available for a small donation. On the east side, Craven Park will be the other shuttle lot. At Craven Park, parking is free. Shuttles will run between these two lots and the party from 12:15 PM until 12:30 AM. The rides are free of charge, but in an effort to maximize karma and good vibrations, we strongly encourage you to tip your driver.

Street Parking: Street parking is legal in the Village of Bellaire except where otherwise marked (such as coned-off areas). Please show respect and courtesy if you choose to park on the streets.

In addition to the two free shuttles around Bellaire, there will be one bus that will be charging a minimal fee as it runs from downtown Traverse City to downtown Bellaire, and back. For just $7.50 each direction, the bus will pick up and drop off at the 8th Street Parking Deck in Traverse City (behind Maxbauer’s and Brady’s) directly to the gate of the event. Reserve your seat early online to ensure that you will be able to be accommodated on your preferred schedule.

Note: If you procrastinate and decide on the day of the event that you’d like to ride this TC-Bellaire shuttle, you may show up at the 8th Street Parking Deck. If seats are still available on the bus, they can be purchased on a first-come-first-served basis.