Breaking Bread – A Beer Dinner

Ask just about anybody here at Short’s what their 3 favorite things are, and you’re likely to get the same answer: beer, the great outdoors, and FOOD! Not only do we love our brew and grub, but we have some wildly talented individuals that create both with passion and creativity. The rest of us are purely lucky to be around to reap the benefits.

We were especially lucky to be around when Sam, Forrest, and Pauline decided to throw a divine beer dinner, featuring delicious beers and impeccably paired courses.

The evening’s lineup:
First Course – Pinkus, Pilsnerseasonal root vegetables, goat cheese, pickles
Second Course – Great Lakes, Edmund Fitzgeraldsliders, beef and carrot, curried garbanzo and carrot
Third Course – Village Reservetofu, rice paper, crispy noodle, daikon, lime, asparagus, buttermilk
Fourth Course – La Roja, JPcrispy pork belly, basil, peach, bourbon
Fifth Course – Schneider Weisse, Adventinuslamb empanada, chipotle, cucumber riata

Mouth-watering? Yup. As an added bonus, we decided to dress-up for the occasion because, why not? We traded our sweat-stained T’s for ties and pressed dress shirts. All dressed up and nowhere to go? Not this crew!

We truly enjoyed an evening of amazing food, wonderful beer, energetic puggles, good company and plenty of great conversations.

Check out our upcoming beer releases and plan your own beer dinner with friends! With the fall comes great bounty, so pairing possibilities are endless. For even more inspiration, listen to this week’s Short’s Cast. We pick the genius minds of Epicure Catering.  Plus, in an upcoming Short’s Cast, we follow Sam and Forrest through the whole process of creating a beer dinner right at home. Stay tuned, you won’t want to miss this!