Bottle Mine Valentine

So in case you haven’t checked your calendar recently, we’re here to burst your bubble.  It’s almost Valentine’s Day. Sure, sure. We could argue all day and night about the holiday’s origins or about the commercialization of love, but instead, we’re going to embrace it with our own special twist.

The best part of Valentine’s Day as a kid was undoubtedly the treats; chocolates attached to cards, candy hearts, and Valentine’s Day baked goods. And on top of that, everyone got a valentine from EVERYONE. And EVERYONE felt good. So why does that have to stop in adulthood?

Here to bring the spirit of the elementary school Valentine’s Day routine into adulthood, we give you Bottle Mine Valentines. Designed at SBC with a Short’s-y twist, we’re printing valentines for the good people of the Short’s-i-verse to share with their loved ones. Free with the purchase of a six pack at Short’s Mart and the pub or at select craft beer purveyors, Bottle Mine Valentines are designed to hang from around the neck of your favorite SBC brew. Designed to be shared, each bottle then serves as a Valentine treat for the special someones in your life (six of them to be exact).

Bottle Mine Valentines will be available at Short’s Mart, the pub, and select accounts for a limited time only while supplies last. Can’t stop by in person? Order online! Valentines cost $3.00 + shipping and handling and will be mailed out on February 9th, 2016.

We’ve taken the liberty of putting together a list of steps to get the most out of your Bottle Mine Valentines, below. Don’t forget to spread the love (to your family and friends +21).

How to give a Bottle Mine Valentine to your valentine:

 – Identify your valentines (this may include your uncle, your sister, your mom, your sweetie, or your mailman).

– Get in your car! It’s time to head to the pub, Short’s Mart, or your favorite retailer. Remember choose your six pack wisely.

– Ok, you’ll also need to pick up a sixer or two for yourself. You deserve it, it’s Valentine’s Day.

– Pick up your Bottle Mine Valentines in store or order online from Short’s Mart.

– Head home and assemble your valentines.

– Get a snack – shopping is hard work. Be sure to wash it down with one of the brews from that extra sixer we told you to bring home.

– Write your name and your valentine’s name on each card.

– Punch them out of the full sheet of paper. They are perforated, no scissors necessary!

– Hang each one individually on a bottle of Short’s brew.

– Put on your Sunday best, spray yourself with a dash of your favorite perfume or cologne, pop in a breath mint, and make your way out to deliver your valentines!