Skip the Mall, Celebrate Black Friday with Bourbon Publican Porter

Today’s a very special day here in the Short’s-i-verse. No no, we’re not talking about Black Friday (but kudos to you if you’re into that, you should probably pay a visit to Short’s Mart). Today’s the day we’re finally releasing the long awaited, Bourbon Publican Porter.

A member of our 2007 Imperial Beer Series, Publican Porter was the first true Porter Joe Short brewed here at SBC. As an ode to the history of this remarkable beer, we’ve copied the text from its original hang tag here:

“This beer was inspired largely by its historical value and its development as a beer style.

As much as I have gathered, porter was becoming a recognized beer style around the 1700s. It is said to be an evolved product of brown ales being produced in London during that time. I also understand that the dried brown and roasted malts of that era contributed to its dark color. Among my portfolio of beers I craft for SBC, I had not brewed a true porter until this imperial version. I named it the Publican Porter after the owners of “public houses” who were licensed to sell ale to common “port men” of the time. I have read several different versions about porter and where its name came from. Imagining a port side tavern and a publican mixing stale and mild beer together for the port men and calling it “porter” will always be how I pictured the birth of porter. That’s the concept I bounced off of Fritz, and he furnished a most appropriate masterpiece for the label art. While brewing this beer I imagined a rich hearty drink, a meal in itself, much like the earlier porters that sustained our forefathers. Rejoice with porter and bask in it’s rich flavor. Savor its historical integrity.”

While Publican Porter itself is a very special brew, scoring a solid 92 on BeerAdvocate and listed as one of the top 50 Porters on RateBeer, we decided to kick it up just one more notch. Bourbon Publican Porter (10.7% ABV – 46 IBU) is our infamous Publican Porter aged in bourbon barrels for 10 months. Pitch black in color, this beer has big aromas of wood and bourbon followed by scents of dark chocolate and alcohol. Full-bodied with a velvety smooth mouthfeel, Bourbon Publican Porter tastes of bourbon and chocolate.

In honor of the beginning of Stout and Porter season, we are releasing this little piece of Short’s history today, just in time for Brewski Bash. Packaged in 750ml bottles ($16.99 each), Bourbon Publican Porter is now available as the next brew in our Private Stache series. Make your way to the pub or Short’s Mart today to pick up a bottle or two from your favorite, friendly Publican.