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Returning for the holidays, Woodmaster is here

It’s been 10 years since the Imperial Beer Series was originally released. 13 exceptional experimental beers that a young Joe Short dreamed of creating, finally came to fruition in 2007….

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Short’s Brew x 2 – Chief Hopper and Publican Porter Now Available

In January we announced an extra exclusive, Michigan only, specialty beer release featuring Publican Porter and Chief Hopper. And we’ve got to say, fellow Michiganders, you haven’t exactly been patient!…

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Skip the Mall, Celebrate Black Friday with Bourbon Publican Porter

Today’s a very special day here in the Short’s-i-verse. No no, we’re not talking about Black Friday (but kudos to you if you’re into that, you should probably pay a…

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Behind The Brew… Spruce Pilsner

On this episode of Short’s Cast we’re going to delve into the process (and maybe even some of the secrets) of Spruce Pilsner. One of the beers that Short’s entire…

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