Building a Beer’s Identity

Welcome to the second episode of Short’s Cast! We’ve got lots of stories, shenanigans, and great beer information for you kind listeners. We introduce you to two vital members to Short’s Cast and Short’s Brewing Company, Pauline Knighton in marketing, and Head Brewer Tony Hansen. These two break down the process of building a beers identity.

We also hear from Jack Archiable and Joe Short who tell us the story behind the Soft Parade. The Soft Parade is available year round unlike the Publican Porter which comes around seasonally and is hitting the stores on January 22nd. The Publican Porter is the perfect beer to pair with a Polar Vortex so we bring in Tyler Glaze to tell you all about the scientific specifics on the porter.

Cellerman Sean Niemisto reads the events happing throughout the state this week. Links to all the events will be available below.

One event we are heavily involved in is the White Pine Stampede. A great cross country ski race that starts in Mancelona and finishes at Shanty Creek in Bellaire, MI. Registration is coming to a close so sign up as soon as possible.

We are officially up and live on Stitcher Radio which is a great podcasting application. You can also subscribe on Itunes and we always appreciate the ratings and reviews othat our loyal followers give us.

Music for this episode was provided by Orpheum Bell who will be playing at the brewpub in Bellaire on January 18th at 8pm. The songs you’ll hear are entitled “What Ever Shines So Bright” and “Poor Laetitia”

Thanks again for tuning into Short’s Cast! Links are below and you can always email the show at [email protected]

Great music at the brew pub in Bellaire

The Northern Skies play on Friday, January 17th at 8pm

Orpheum Bell plays on Saturday, January 18th at 8pm

The Shifties play on Sunday, January 19th at 7:30pm

Steve Leaf peforms on Monday, January 20th at 7:30pm

Tap takeovers throughout the great state of Michigan!

Salut guided beer tasting on January 15th in Kalamazoo 3pm

Drake Party Center’s guided beer tasting on January 15th in Kalamazoo 6pm

Tiffany’s guided beer tasting on January 16th in Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo Beer Exchange tap takeover on January 16th in Kalamazoo

Boyne Mountain tap takeover on January 16th in Boyne Falls

Kalamazoo Beer Week is happening, which is presented by Imperial Beverage, until January 18th! We hope to see you there.