Come gather around with the Campfire choir

For our last #PrivateStache of 2018, we bring to you Campfire Choir! This Porter is perfect for celebrating the Winter Solstice or ringing in the New Year with friends and family around a warm fire. Bottles will be released exclusively at the pub on December 21st.

Campfire Choir (8.6% ABV – 18 IBU) is an Imperial Smoked Porter aged in Two James J Riddle barrels. Pitch black in color there are aromas of bourbon, smoke, dark chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and oak. Leading with smoky peat flavors from the specialty malt and J Riddle barrels, there are also notes of bourbon, dark chocolate, and light coffee flavors blending together for a full body and decadent mouthfeel. Hints of vanilla give this beer a touch of sweetness before finishing smooth.