Celebrate Harvest with a Pint!

Harvest has officially begun in Northern Michigan. Whether you participate in a local farm share, or frequent the nearby farmer’s market, one thing’s for sure – fresh tastes best! What better way to enjoy local fare than with local brew? We’ve selected a few farmer’s market finds and paired them with a summer Short’s beer, but the possibilities are endless. Get creative!

Cheese Platter and MMMKay

There’s plenty you could do with cheese, but let’s keep it simple to fully enjoy the fresh flavors of the fromage from your local creamery. In our case, it’s Idyll Farms of Northport that offers a lovely selection at the market from their sustainable goat farm. Add in your favorite cracker to the mix if you like, but don’t forget the beer. An American India Pale Lager would be nice. The earthy citrus hop flavors in the MMMkay pairs up well with the sweet and grassy flavors of the goat’s milk cheese that Idyll Farms offers.  The cleansing effect of the ample carbonation is complementary with the fattiness of the cheese. This is because the carbonation acts as “scrubbing bubbles” and cleanses the palate, which in turn, cuts through the fatty cheese.

A couple specific cheese & beer pairings from our seasonal Summer Variety Pack:

– Chevre with Night Wheeler – cool roasted malt contrasts with prominent goat cheese sweetness
– Tomme with Kolsch 45 – this is less fatty but super creamy, which contrasts well with the ample carbonation that cleanses the palate between tastes

Roasted Vegetable Salad and Prolonged Enjoyment

IMG_1975Summer days are long, that’s why we recommend a lovely vegetable salad with fresh basil for dinner, accompanied by a tall, cold mug of Prolonged Enjoyment. A beer you could start drinking at lunchtime, this Session India Pale Ale has an earthy fragrance of grass, pine, and citrus fruit. Teamed with a veggie salad peppered with fresh herbs – perfecto! This pairs well because the earthy fragrance complements the earthy flavors of roasted vegetables. The Bold flavors of Red Onion and Basil are complemented by prominent hop qualities and bitter arugula pairs perfectly with bitter IPA hoppiness of Prolonged Enjoyment.

Or perhaps you want to try our summer seasonal wheat ale while you have the chance! The coriander and peppercorn in Nicie Spicie complements the bold and savory flavors of the roasted vegetables, and the Balsamic Vinegar works well with the citrus zest.

Rhubarb Cobbler and Soft Parade

IMG_1961Why have pie when you can have cobbler?! There’s just something carefree about cobbler, like coloring outside the lines. Right now, there are gorgeous, rich hued rhubarbs screaming to be baked with. Try this rhubarb cobbler recipe, and then wash it down with a nice glass of Soft Parade. This bright rye ale loaded with pureed strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries is just tart enough to complement the tartness of rhubarb, however, it has just enough carbonation to help rinse away any lingering tartness left on the palate. Summer is the time for seasonal fruit, so why not load up in this super functional and appropriate beer pairing?

What farmer’s market pairings will you try this summer?!