Cookies and Beer!

On this week’s episode of the Short’s Cast Gillian and Bridgett sit down with various Short’s staff members for a Short’s Beer and Christmas cookie pairing episode. We’re not really sure if anyone has tried this before so why not? Thanks to Erin, Sarah, Jessica, and Emily for each baking us a delicous batch of goodies to pair with beers like Snow WheatCup a JoeBlack Chai, and Happy Jack.

The music in this episode is from the talented Breathe Owl Breathe who is performing at the pub on Sunday, December 28th. You’ll hear the songs “Dog Walkers of the New” and “Drop and Roll”. Check out their website at

If you have any questions or comments for the show email us at [email protected].

Happy Holidays from everyone at Short’s!

Movie Sound Bites in this episode are from the movie “Elf” a New Lines Cinema Film and a Guy Walks Into A Bar production, Directed by Jon Favreau. The clip you’ll hear is from Will Ferrell.