Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act

When it comes to political episodes, this is about as political as we get here on Short’s Cast. Some people say “we need to bring in the suits on this one” well for us it’s “we need to bring in the beards,” and what glorious beards they are. Two members of the executive team, Brian Beckwith (Chief Financial Officer) and Scott Newman Bale (President of Business Development) join Bridgett Beckwith (Director of Marketing) to talk about the recent changes to proposed legislation impacting the beer industry.

You’ll also hear clips from our Michigan senators. We thank Senator Debbie Stabenow, and Senator Gary Peters for joining us on the show and providing their comments on the growth of the craft beer industry in Michigan.

Members of the Brewers Association hit capitol hill a couple weeks ago to discuss “The Small Brewers Act” with congress. As of this week, new legislation has been proposed and “The Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act” has real potential to get passed. You’ll hear Scott and Brian explain this legislation and the impact it will have on breweries like Short’s.

While in Washington D.C. Brian, Scott, and Bridgett also attended SAVOR and interviewed Kim Jordan of New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado. New Belgium is well known throughout the country for their amber ale “Fat Tire.” Kim spoke to the Small Brewers Caucus about this policy and how vital it is for growth in our economy as well as the craft beverage industry.

Savor is a food and beer tasting event so Short’s brought along a couple favorites for attendees to try, specificallyNicie Spicie and Freedom of 78′. You’ll hear comments from people like Adrian Rodriguez of Monfort Brewing Group in Mexico City, Katie from Dogfish Head in Delaware, DH and Scuba Steve from Country Boy Brewing in Lexington, Kentucky, and Duncan from Aspen Brewing Company.

The music you’ll hear is from Lindsey Lou and the Flat Belly’s off of their new album, IONIA. The songs on this episode are “Everythings Changed,” “Hot Hands,” and the instrumental title track “Ionia.” Lindsey Lou and Josh Rilko will be performing as their side project, Time and Luck at the pub on Friday, June 19th at 8:30pm.

This week’s Specialty Beer Release is Hopstache. This beer was originally brewed as a wedding beer for Short’s Cast host, Jon Wojtowicz, and has become a cult classic throughout the great state of Michigan. This beer moves fast, so make sure you get to your local craft beverage provider now to lock down a six pack!