Crut’s guide to the most epic Super Bowl party ever, ever

The big game is this weekend, so naturally it’s time for a big blog post! So big that we brought in one of our biggest, baddest brewers, Curt Guntzviller, to talk about his annual epic Super Bowl party. When we talk about Curt’s Super Bowl party we’re not talking about a bag of chips, some queso, and a big screen tv in your neighbor’s living room – we’re talking about the raddest football party in all of Antrim County!

Beginning in 2008 (the year the New England Patriots played the Giants) Curt, affectionately known as “Crut” around the production facility, has held the most awesome Super Bowl party ever. It’s garnered quite the reputation. Ask any resident of Elk Rapids, and they’ve probably attended or at least heard of this celebration.  

According to Crut, “The Super Bowl for me, regardless of who’s playing in it, has always been a reason to throw a badass party for all my family, friends, and co-workers. What started as some friends coming over to eat and watch the game in the living room has morphed into a 60+ person party that takes over my entire garage.” Crut’s legendary parties are the stuff of envy, so we had to ask him; what makes this party so effing fantastic?

While the game (and television), seating, and guest list are all important components to hosting the best Super Bowl party ever, Crut’s parties may be most recognized for their food and beverage spread. Known widely not only for the volume of food and tasty libations, but for the quality of fare, Crut prides himself in feeding the masses in style.

When looking to plan the menu for game day, Crut notes that you can tackle (pun intended) your food prep in two ways; make it all yourself or host a “potluck” style party. Making a bevvy of foods yourself can be a lot of work (especially if you’re inviting everyone you know). If you go this route, a donation jar is a must as the cost can escalate quickly.

Crut’s party is held “potluck” style. You get to show off your snack making skills and your guests get to join in on the fun! Last year, a “wing off” was held and it was a great success. Super Bowl party staple foods include chicken wings (and a variety of sauces), chips and dips (queso, spinach, buffalo chicken), meatballs, cheese and vegetable platters, deviled eggs, and anything you can put in a deep fat fryer (we’re serious, anything). Appetizer sized portions are encouraged so that guests can try a little of everything.

While the food is what really puts this party in a category all its own, Crut provided us a list of generalized game day tips for anyone looking to throw a Crut caliber shindig.

Crut’s tips for hosting the most awesome Super Bowl party ever, ever (in no particular order):

1.  The Super Bowl comes once a year – go big or go home. Make or bring your best dish to share. Anyone can stop at their local store and pick up a jar of salsa and a bag of chips. Do something special and share it with friends and family.  

2.  The TV: Simply put, you need to show the game on the biggest screen you can find. In this case bigger really is better. The word “ginormous” comes to mind when we’re thinking of our dream Super Bowl television size.

3.  Quench your thirst wisely. It’s important to have a selection of beverages available for guests, including options for those who are not consuming alcohol. 4-5 varieties of beer and cider is ideal, including a lawn mower beer (like Hamm’s or PBR). Try to steer away from liquor if you can, no need to get too schwasty while watching the game.

4.  Have a seating plan. Make sure you have plenty of available seating near the tv and near the food and beverages. No one wants to stand during the game.

5.  Take notes. Take notes at this year’s party on ways to improve next year’s shin-dig. Party planning is a science and should be done in advance as day of shopping, planning, and organizing can be a real pain in the A**.

6.  Have fun! Remember, the Super Bowl party should be an enjoyable time for you and your guests. Celebrate.