Everything You Have To Drink At #SBCANNIPARTY13

#SBCANNIPATY13 is this month! You read that right; SBC is officially a teenager and in true Short’s fashion, we’re throwing a raging party to celebrate. Once again, we’ll be closing down M88 right outside the pub to celebrate 13 years with 31 Short’s beers and Starcut Ciders, local food, two specialty Private Stache bottle releases (Terr Bear and Bourbon Wizard), and performances by Laith Al-Saadi, May Erlewine & The Motivations, and our first ever Battle of the Bands winner, Benjaman James.

With 30 taps and roaming Vintage Premium Lager can sales, Anni Party is like a choose your own adventure book. There’s approximately 1.5 million drinking combinations for you, our fine, thirsty attendees. And because it’s highly unlikely that you can (or should) sample all 31 offerings in one day, we’ve taken the liberty of planning out tasting tours to fit your preferences. Read on for recommendations for drinkin’ all day, hop heads, cider sippers, Short’s aficionados, and rare beer lovers!

The Drink All Day: Drinking from 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm (2:00 pm if you were lucky enough to score a ticket to the Pre Party) is no small feat. For those who are in for the long haul, it’s time to sip on some of our lower in ABV, sessionable beverages. Our recommendations are as follows:  

  • Vintage Premium Lager: Served in a can, VPL clocks in at 4.9% ABV. Find a roaming salesperson and trade him 1 token for this industrious lager.
  • #Hashtag Sports: One of the lowest ABV beers we’ve ever created, #Hashtag Sportz is a beer we pour at many of the Short’s supported sporting events here in Northern Michigan. Literally blended with electrolytes, #Hashtag Sportz has what it keeps to keep you in the game all night long.
  • Local’s Light: Your neighbor really does know where it’s at if he’s waiting in line for another pour of our light and tasty American Lager. Our top seller at the pub, be sure to spend a token or two on this crushable brew if you plan on groovin’ to the musical stylings of Laith Al-Saadi.

The Hop Head: If you know Short’s, chances are you’re well acquainted with our hoppy intentions. From our Super Hoppy Holidays pack to kicking back with everyone’s favorite IPA, Huma Lupa Licious, we strive to provide your senses with a hop punch to the palate. For the hop heads among us, we promise Anni Party 13irteen. For the hoppiest of experiences, be sure to try:

  • Batch 5000: First brewed in January 2016, Batch 5000 was created in order to commemorate the 5,000th batch of beer brewed in Bellaire. This Triple American India Pale Ale is big-bodied with flavors of tropical fruit.
  • Freedom of 78: Guava. Need we say more?
  • Machu Beechu: Machu Beechu is a passion fruit India Pale Ale made with Rare Bird Brewpub Rooftop Honey in collaboration with Rare Bird Brewpub. Introduced this winter, Machu Beechu has quickly become a staff favorite.
  • Huma Lupa Licious: Our favorite India Pale Ale is a complex hop and malt theme park in your mouth. There’s no better place to drink a Huma than where it all began in beautiful Bellaire, Michigan.

The Tour De Cider: We’ll be serving up five Starcut Ciders at #SBCANNIPARTY13. Made with Michigan apples and naturally gluten free, adding a cider (or five) to your Anni Party agenda is a must.

  • Starcut Ciders Cidre Colada: Didn’t make it south for spring break this year? We’ve got you covered. This Piña Colada inspired cider will take your taste buds to the tropical beach of your choosing.
  • Starcut Ciders Phuzz: A seasonal Starcut offering, Phuzz, is filled with the flavors of Michigan apples and tree ripened peaches. If you’re ready for summertime in Northern Michigan, you’re ready to get your hands on a pint of Phuzz.
  • Starcut Ciders Elita: Made special for Starcut Ciders’ 2nd Anniversary, Elita is a sparkling, bottle conditioned blend of barrel aged ciders. Try it on tap and then visit Short’s Mart to take a bottle home!

The OG: Love Short’s OG brews? This must hit list is for you:

  • Nicie: Kick off your #SummerOfNicie on April 29th. The first Nicie of the season is a momentous occasion. Make it happen at Anni Party 13irteen. Savor it.
  • The Magician: This Short’s classic is always available on tap at select accounts, but elusive throughout much of our distribution footprint. Enjoy a pint at Anni Party before this brew disappears.
  • The Curl: One of the first Imperial beers ever brewed at Short’s, The Curl is an American Pilsner with a hefty dose of hops and a crisp, clean finish.
  • Nitro Chocolate Wheat: Nitro at Anni Party? NITRO AT ANNI PARTY!

The Rarest of Rare: The rarest of beers on tap at #SBCANNIPARTY13. If you love the Private Stache series, this list is for you.

  • Bourbon Evil Urges: A bourbon barrel aged Belgian Dark Strong Ale, this Private Stache series brew is making a brief appearance on tap for #SBCANNIPARTY13. If you didn’t get your hands on a bottle, this is your chance to try Bourbon Evil Urges on tap.  
  • Tequila Sauna: Inspired by a real life post Anni Party adventure, Tequila Sauna is here to warm you up on April 29th. There are no plans for a second bottle release of this spirit flavored brew. This is your only chance to sip on Tequila Sauna in the foreseeable future.
  • Crayon Ponyfish: “A Crayon Ponyfish. Wow. Interesting specimen.”
  • Terr Bear: 1 of 2 Anni Party Private Stache releases, Terr Bear is a barrel aged Sour Wheat Ale fermented with Northern Michigan raspberries. Order a bottle to take home along with your tickets and grab a pour on tap.
  • Anniversary Ale ‘09-’16: A blood orange Wheat Wine Ale, Anniversary Ale ‘09 – ‘16 will not be bottled this year. If you love this rendition of our Anni Ale, you best get a pour (or more) while in Bellaire.
  • Frank The Snake Meets The Time Traveling Stag: Maybe the most intricate beverage on our tap list, Frank The Snake Meets The Time Traveling Stag is actually a wild foraged beer blended 50/50 with Erraticus Elita. This hybrid concoction is EXTREMELY rare. Get it now, or maybe never.  

BONUS: The Newest of New Brews. Two BRAND NEW Short’s bottled brews will make their debut at #SBCANNIPARY13. Anni Ale 13irteen, the kick off to our Salvacious Planemo Sour Series will be served on tap AND sold in six-packs of 12 oz bottles in advance of its May 1st distribution release. In addition, our first ever packaged New England style India Pale Ale, Slurm, will be on tap prior to its release later this spring. YOU SHOULD NOT LEAVE ANNI PARTY WITHOUT TRYING THESE BEERS.