But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

Saturday, September 26th, 2015, was one that will go down in Short’s history as being particularly epic. Not only did we bring home a silver medal from the Great American Beer Festival in the Experimental Beer Category for Melt My Brain, but we also participated in a record breaking number of Michigan beer events!

In total, we participated in 9 events across the state (Cheers to Michigan Brew Fest, SANDSTORM – Glacial Hills Triple Relay, the 17th annual Bellaire Harvest Festival, East Jordan Harvest Festival, Weko Beach Brewers Festival, Hops & Highlands Microbrew Festival, Cadillac Craft Beer Festival, Port Huron Beer Festival, and Whichcraft Taproom’s 2nd anniversary party) in addition to attending GABF. And to top it all off?  We held our first ever Oktoberfest Party at the pub and released that latest brew from our Private Stache series, Maple Bourbon Barrel Magician.

The best way to commemorate this exceptionally awesome day? Why with a plethora of selfies (and maybe a couple normal pictures) from these events, of course. We stitched these pics into a collage for your enjoyment and voila!

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