Fresh Water All Around Us

Hello and welcome back to Short’s Cast. We’ve done an episode on water before but not like this one. Short’s is about to break ground on their new water treatment plant so we brought in Tyler Glaze to talk about what that means for Short’s Beer, and the city of Elk Rapids. He also chats about how water changes the flavor of beer and why water quality is important to consider when making beer. As always Tyler delivers info that will impress your friends, family, and gain a few honorary degrees along the way.

We are honored to have Seth Bernard’s music in this episode. He is playing solo tonight, June 10th at the brew pub in bellaire. His songs “We Can Change” and “Baby You’re Power” accompany this episode.

Nicie Spicie is making people happy all over the state of Michigan this summer. This beer is delicious and brewed with lemon zest, orange zest, corriander, and peppercorn. It was originally a homebrew from Joe Short, and a staple at Short’s Brewing Company.