GABF 2013 Revisited

photo 3Every now and then, it’s nice to go traveling. Especially when there’s beer at the destination. That’s why a handful of Short’s staffers zipped up their suitcases and packed their liquids into little plastic bags for a flight out to Denver and GABF 2013.

The Great American Beer Festival has been an annual tradition for Short’s in order to give the good people of Colorado a brief taste of Northern Michigan. Hardly bare handed, the team brought out West ten beers crafted in Antrim County and a stainless steel masterpiece of modern beer festival 3 (1) While all Short’s Brews got a lot of loving, some of the bigger hits of the event were Bourbon Aphasia, Cerveza de Julie, Gone Commando, and Bourbon Woodmaster.

When finished with diligent pouring at the festival, the Short’s Crew traipsed about town the best way they knew how. Their journey brought them to meat eat-offs, hanging out with living beer legend Randy Mosher, and some of the finest karaoke Denver had to offer.

photo 5After a wild long weekend of Beer Liberation in the Rocky Mountain State, it was time to happily head back to The Mitten. There’s just never anything like that first Huma back in the motherland.

IMG_1709Huma DTW