Microbiology and the “Magic” of Fermentation

Welcome Short’s Cast listeners!  Who’s ready for some science?  That’s right, on today’s episode of the Short’s Cast we’re chatting with Sam “The Science Man” Decamp, Short’s very own QC/QA Analyst about the teeny tiny microbes in our beer.

Later in the show we also hear from our friend Jack Archiable, who tells us a yeasty story from his days at Traverse Brewing Company.

The music you’ll hear on this episode of the Short’s Cast is from The Go Rounds who will be performing at the pub in Bellaire on November 22nd. They just released another six song album that you can listen to on their website, www.thegorounds.bandcamp.com. Today you’ll hear the songs “Rewarding”, “Empty Eyes”, and “Sunnyside Up”.

Our beer release this week is Snow Wheat read by a man who needs no introduction, Nicholas “Skinny” Fairbanks. Snow Wheat is a delicious Hefeweizen, perfect for our snowy weather.  Be sure to pick up your very own 12 pack today!