Short’s Brewing Co, Starcut Ciders, and Beaches Hard Seltzer announce distribution expansion into New York City & Long Island

Short’s Brewing Co along with Starcut Ciders, and Beaches Hard Seltzer, is now available in New York City and Long Island for purchase. Distributed by S.K.I Beer Distributors, based out of Brooklyn, New York is the tenth state to receive shipments of the Northern Michigan brands.

Founded in 1987 by Ralph Mauriello and Charlie Yim, S.K.I. Beer has grown from 10 employees to over 250. They pride themselves on a hands-on approach to sales and their deep relationships with accounts in their region.

“The S.K.I. approach to brand building and their deep knowledge of New York and the surrounding boroughs was what initially sparked our interest in partnering with their team, as well as their focus on craft brands.” Said Pauline Knighton-Prueter, CSO at Short’s. “The SKI leadership team is enthusiastic, focused, and well organized. East coast distribution is new for us, but we are in good hands with the SKI team and we are ready for this adventure!”

At first, the plan is to release flagship products to market, and bring in specialty and seasonal beers and ciders over time.

“Initially, we need to build consumer trust. We’ve found that the best way to do that is to focus our flagship offerings because of their year-round availability.” Knighton-Prueter remarked.

That means starting in July, New Yorkers will be able to find Local’s Light American Lager, Huma Lupa Licious IPA, and Soft Parade fruit ale from the Short’s beer line along with Starcut Cider’s Pulsar, Octorock, and Mosa, and a cocktail-inspired hard seltzer variety pack which features flavors like Mojito and Piña Colada from the hard seltzer brand Beaches.

“We think these products are a perfect fit for our market, New Yorkers love craft. At its price point, Local’s Light is a home run for anyone with a macro-domestic lager line and the Mosa cider is a no brainer for anyone serving Mimosas. Beaches Hard Seltzer will be our exclusive seltzer offering for Long Island, and with summer heating up the timing couldn’t be better. The Short’s team is making our jobs very easy.” said Paul Catalano, General Manager of Off Premise for S.K.I. Beer Distributors.