The News Behind the Stache, Private Stache

You’ve heard the rumors and seen the news. A long awaited, Short’s Brewing Company specialty release, pub-only series, is no longer a fantasy. We’re making your wildest dreams come true and sharing our very own “Private Stache” with you.

Private Stache is our new, pub-only bottled beer series. This series will be comprised of beers that are experimental, barrel aged, sour, or otherwise exceedingly rare. Beers that we’ve been unable to brew in the past due to time and space constraints and the threat of brewery contamination.

PinballWhispersAccording to Short’s Head Brewer, Tony Hansen, “We will attempt beer ideas that have been repressed for years. Brewing urges that have been pushed deep, so far deep, into our brewers’ brains. Beers that are fermented with bacteria and wild yeast, beers aged in a variety of barrels, beers brewed with exotic ingredients that can only be done in very small batches. Beers that our brewers only whisper about to each other in secret, afraid that someone might report them to the Quality Control department for heresy.”

So you might be thinking, how will Short’s do this now? And the simple answer is that a combination of new and old technology now allows us to bring you the Private Stache series. Between the work of the SBC Lab (now bursting at the seams with our very own SBC scientists) and our commitment to hand filling each and every 750 ml bottle of Private Stache beer brewed in Bellaire, we can now ensure that these beers will be brewed and bottled safely.

The first releases of the Private Stache series will be Pinball Whispers (9.1 % ABV – 8 IBU), a Sour Ale brewed with cherries and apples and Alicornucopia (6.9 ABV – 28 IBU), a 100% Brettanomyces fermented Saison. These beers will be available for purchase beginning at 11:00 am on Saturday, March 21st, 2015 at the Pub in Bellaire.

AlicornucopiaThe name Alicornucopia originates from a question posed by Joe Short: What is the name of a unicorn horn? An Alicorn. Alicornucopia is a multitude of Alicorns – a veritable cornucopia of unicorn magic. So where did the name Pinball Whispers come from? Earlier this year a very sensual game of pinball was played by some of SBC’s finest at one of our favorite places in Grand Rapids, Pyramid Scheme. After an evening of flashing lights, bells, and whispered cheers, the name Pinball Whispers was only a natural choice!

The artwork for the first two beers in the Private Stache series was created by Jason Abraham Smith.You can see Jason’s work at Future label artwork for the Private Stache will feature various other artists.

The Private Stache series will be sold exclusively at Short’s Brewing Company in Bellaire, MI. Private Stache beers are brewed in extremely limited quantities. Short’s fans will be limited to purchasing only two bottles of each beer released. Alicornucopia will be $15.00 per bottle and Pinball Whispers will be $19.00 per bottle.

Be sure to join us later in the evening on March 21st while we Party Like It’s 1999 to celebrate the 1,999th batch of beer brewed in Bellaire. We’ll have a special Pub-only draft selection, Batch 1999 – an Imperial India Black Lager brewed with blueberries and served on nitro available, throughout the day.

The second Private Stache release will take place at Short’s Eleven Year Anniversary Extravaganza, taking place on April 25th, 2015. Tickets for this event are now onsale. We hope you’ll join us to Party Like It’s 1999 and celebrate the release of the first Private Stache beers!