Friends of Short’s: Rare Bird Brewpub

Last week, we had the opportunity to take a micro road trip to Traverse City to check out Rare Bird Brewpub where owners Tina Schuett and Nate Crane not only pride themselves on serving delicious brews of their own, but in showcasing their favorite beers from other breweries, including Short’s.  With the aim to share our love for the Northern Michigan companies that we are lucky enough to know, today we feature this Northern Michigan gem.

Rare Bird Brewpub (which just opened this past June) is located in a beautiful, historic warehouse in Traverse City on Lake Avenue.  The venue is inviting and open; a nod to the building’s historic roots can be seen on the walls where discarded wooden fruit crates add a rustic flair.  The owners’ penchant for all things birds (Tina, with a degree in biology and Nate affectionately known to some as “Bird Man”), is evidenced not only in the Brewpub’s name, but in the pictures and prints sprinkled about the walls.

During our visit, We chowed down on some super scrumptious and savory eats, then we were ready to chat with Nate and Tina. Despite their hectic schedules (opening up a restaurant or brewpub is hard work, opening up a business that combines both is, at the very least, all consuming at times) Nate and Tina made time to be guests on an episode of the Short’s Cast. Might we suggest you take 32 minutes and 28 seconds out of your busy day to listen about Rare Bird Brewpub on location here.  Immediately evident from our conversation with Tina and Nate was the incredible attention to detail that goes into everything they make, from the refurbishing of their building to their respective beer and food menu, but also the enormous sense of pride that is derived from opening a brewpub on their own with the tremendous support of our community.  Group hug for Northern-Michiganders!

Now that they are open, one of the greatest challenges to Nate and Tina’s success is simply keeping their beers on tap.  Tina, as the Head Brewer is working to balance the demand for Rare Bird favorites like Pants Party (and yes, this is a reference to the movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy) while being able to exercise her creativity and craft new beers to pair with their impeccable menu.  Warning: your mouth is about to start watering. One stand out dish is the “Open Faced Braised Pork Belly Sliders with jicama cilantro slaw, quick pickled cucumber and radish, and tamari chili butter,” need we say more?

I think it’s pretty safe to say we’ll be back for more goodness from Rare Bird in the very near future. Cheers to rolling up your sleeves and making magic happen right here in the Great Lakes state!