Short’s & Ashley’s Round Table

Short’s Cast has been traveling all over the great state of Michigan and this episode is no exception! This week takes us to the home of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. On this episode of Short’s Cast Bridgett and Woj are joined by Short’s Cast alum, Pauline, as they stop into Ashley’s Ann Arbor to interview co-owners and brothers, Jeff and Roy More. Jeff and Roy were recently knighted and just happen to own one of the best craft beer bars in America.

Ashley’s opened up back in 1983. During this interview you’ll hear stories from Jeff and Roy about what the craft beer industry looked like in the 80’s and the evolution of their business.

We would like to thank Jeff and Roy for their hospitality and their commitment to showcasing amazing craft brews from around the world. If you find yourself in Ann Arbor, we highly recommend you stop by for a brew (or two). Visit their website,, for more information.