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Short’s Hoppy Holidays Tapping!

Join us at HopCat in Ann Arbor for a super special tapping of Short’s Hoppy Holidays beers! Beer and Cider List: Juicy Tree Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster Nitro Good Humans…

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Busch’s In-Store Tasting

Join us for an in-store tasting at Busch’s Market in Ann Arbor! Beer and Cider List: Pure Michigan Winter Pilsner Psychedelic Cat Grass Mule Beer Starcut Cider: Peach Mosa

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Total Wine Tasting, Ann Arbor!

Come on out to Total Wine on Saturday 4/15 and see your friendly neighborhood Liberator and sample some delicious Short’s Brews! Beer List: Huma Lupa Licious Pure Michigan Spring IPL…

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Total Wine Sampling!

Come on over to Total Wine in Ann Arbor and sample some delicious brews and cider. Sampling List: Soft Parade Local’s Light Thirst Mutilator N/A Hop Water

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Short’s & Ashley’s Round Table

Short’s Cast has been traveling all over the great state of Michigan and this episode is no exception! This week takes us to the home of the University of Michigan,…

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Short’s and Zingerman’s Creamery Roundtable

Short’s cast is on the road again, highlighting the vendors that have supported our craft beer from the get go. This week we are down in Ann Arbor, home of…

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