Short’s Brewing Co Shares 2021 Wrap Up

It was a good year. At least for Short’s Brewing Company. 

2021 marked another year of growth for the brewery, after the pandemic pushed sales to record numbers in 2020. From their Bellaire Pub and Elk Rapids Pull Barn to their distribution network, 2021 ended positive with distribution sales to the market specifically up 2.3%. The brewery (including Short’s Brewing Co brands and Starcut Cider brands) ended the year with an overall production volume of 52,986 barrels, a 3.9% increase from 2020. 

That increase was largely due to Local’s Light, their Premium Light Lager which grew 35% as a brand throughout their distribution footprint. In 2020 Local’s Light package sales beat 2019 sales, which was no surprise, however package sales saw an additional 20% growth over 2020 numbers. 12 packs led this charge, but the brand’s 24 pack SKU, introduced in 2020, took off in 2021. 

Short’s two classic flagship brands, Soft Parade and Huma Lupa Licious IPA were not able to beat 2020 package numbers, however, their draft volumes were much closer to 2019 setting up the brewery for a successful growth path in 2022. 

“It was very exciting to end 2021 with positive growth because our distributor partners and sales reps (AKA Liberators) worked very hard to beat 2020 pantry loading numbers through new marketing programs and flagship brand focus. Local’s Light was a key growth factor for us, but our dry cider, Pulsar, from our Starcut Cider brand helped push our growth into the green. I am looking forward to seeing both Local’s Light and Pulsar stand out in their respective categories and continue to gain market share this year.” Stated Pauline Knighton-Prueter, Sales Officer for Short’s.