Flagship Series: Local’s

It’s time to get back to talking about flagship beers and this episodes is an ode to Local’s. Not just the beer, but the people of Bellaire because that is exactly who this beer was brewed for. This episode of Short’s Cast was recorded on a pontoon boat, that’s right…breaking all the podcasting rules with this one. One of Joe Short’s favorite things to do is water ski, and just before he goes out for his first run of the year he sits down with Short’s Cast hosts Bridgett Beckwith and Jon Wojtowictz. Pubtender Jesse Hoffman makes a cameo appearance to give his take on the highest selling beer at the pub. If you haven’t seen our sweet trailer for the podcast filmed by our videographer Mark Goethel you should probably check it out.

Local’s Trailer

In the second half of the show we talk to Short’s Brewing label artist Tanya Whitley who has drawn up close to 70 labels for Short’s and recently did the revision of the label for Local’s. She talks about her process of designing the labels and working with Short’s Art Director Jesse Den Herder and Head Brewer Tony Hansen. You can see a recent news story on Tanya at the link below.

Tanya Whitley the artist

Tyler Glaze entertains us with a new Beer Release which is the Summer Variety Pack, featuring beers like Deacon BluesTwist of CainYosemite ScooterBucktricity Kills, and a special secret beer you’ll have to listen for in Tyler’s segment.

The music you’ll hear in this podcast is from the band Escaping Pavement who will be performing at the pub on June 26th, 2015. You’ll hear their songs “Drive Me To Sadness” and “Winter Homecoming”. You can purchase their album “Uprooted”on iTunes.