Short’s Fest 2015

Short’s Fest has come and gone but the audio lives on! This podcast was recorded during Short’s Fest on Saturday August 8th, 2015. Bridgett Beckwith hosts the show and is joined by Short’s Cast Producer, Mike Moran, who fills in for Jon “The Woj” Wojtowicz (who was operating the ever popular Woj’s Weiners cart during the festival).

If it wasn’t for Michigan media outlets, the craft beer industry wouldn’t be what it is today. We highlight some Michigan journalists, marketing mavens, and photographers in this episode of Short’s Cast and there were many in attendance.

Our interview order looks like this..

Coryn Briggs… from Traverse City Tourism

Dani Knoph… Marketing Cooridinator for

Michael Murphy IV… Short’s Brewing Photographer

Short’s Brewing Beer and Cider Events

Musical interlude: “Two Pears Dancing” by the Moxie Strings

The Moxie Strings… First band to play at Short’s Fest

Lindsey Israel… Feature Writer for The Awesome Mitten

Emily Hengstebeck… Writer for Mitten Brew

Beth Milligan… Journalist at The Traverse City Ticker and TC Busines News

John Stout… Short’s Cast listener from Ypsilanti, MI

We wrap up Short’s Cast with our Beer Release Segment (featuring Autum Ale which is now available in 6 packs across The Great State of Michigan) and A Short’s Cast Recap from Karen Shaw and Emily Sullivan. Plus an update on the Woj’s Weiners Coney Dog Showdown between Beer Liberators John Wojtowicz and Brian Talpos.

We thank everyone who joined us on Short’s Cast at Short’s Fest 2015. A huge thank you to our Fest and Events team for hooking us up with the Water Ski Shack and a big thank you to all of our listeners out there in Craft Beer Land.