Short’s to Immediately Rebrand Aphasia Old Ale

Short’s will immediately rebrand the Old Ale named Aphasia, which was recently released for the first time.  The rebranding will involve a new name and new artwork, although we will likely continue to make this Old Ale recipe in the future.  A limited supply of this beer has been shipped, but no further release under this name will ever be made.

We made this decision upon receipt of thoughtful communications from people who learned of the beer’s release and informed us that our branding for this beer was in poor taste.  We should have resolved this issue early in the creative process, but will learn from this mistake as we move forward.  We express our heartfelt regret to those whom we have upset.  It is never our intention to offend any group of people, and we sincerely apologize.

Finally, we appreciate members of the speech-language pathology community who brought this concern to our attention.  We have decided to show our support to that community by way of a $2,500 donation to the Michigan Speech-Language-Hearing Association.  We hope this gesture will be received as a symbol of respect and support for those living with this disorder.

Thank you for your understanding,

Short’s Brewing Company