Short’s in Barrels

If you’ve tried Bourbon Evil Urges or Bourbon Magician, then you know that Short’s has rocked the barrels a few times, but it’s time to step it up a bit. On this episode of Short’s Cast we bring in Short’s Head Brewer, Tony Hansen, to talk about the Short’s barrel aging program and its exciting growth. Just like Starcut Ciders, this is something Tony has been working on for a long time and his patience is starting to pay off.

The addition of exciting new programs like this mean new opportunities for Short’s crew members to get involved in specific niches of the industry. Woj and Bridgett sit down with Mike McQuiston who just recently became a brewer at Short’s and works with the barrel aging program. He gives us some great info on where we’re headed with barrel aging beers and even lets us in on some of the ideas that are being tossed around at the Production Facility.

The music you will hear on this episode comes from the band Nina and The Buffalo Riders out of Detroit, MI. You’ll hear their songs “Buffalo Blues” and “Madness.” They will be performing at the pub on September 5th starting at 8:30pm.

This week’s beer release is our Oktoberfest or Marzen beer “Noble Chaos” which is now available in six-packs all across the great lake state. Time to stock up because Oktoberfest is coming up quick and you’re going to need some Noble Chaos in your life.