Short’s Pub Grub

Short’s Cast finally devotes an episode to the FOOD! This week we’re sharing the stories behind some of our favorite Pub grub, like the White Pepper, Flutes of Chi, and many more. Bridgett Beckwith and Jon Wojtowicz sit down with the people behind the food, Mark MacNaughton, Erin Kuethe, and Luke Meredith, who join us to talk about kitchen life and how things will continue to evolve over the next couple of months with the new expansion.

Music heard in this episode is provided by Bennett who will be performing at the pub on Thursday March 12th, beginning at 7:00 pm. You’ll hear their songs, “Back To You” and “Friend”.

Our Beer Release is Moher Stout, which is hitting shelves this week at your local beverage supplier.

Preparations for Short’s 11 Year Anniversary Extravaganza are well underway, be sure you check out for up to date information on this epic event held in the streets of downtown Bellaire.