The Short’s Secret Handshake

Pub ManagersShort’s is under the gun this week planning its 10 year anniversary party in downtown Bellaire scheduled for Saturday April 26th. We would love to have you and you can find more information about the “Anny Party” on The pub managers were able to sneak away and join Matt Gacioch for an interview and preview the 10 year anniversary party. You get to meet a few newcomers who we hope to have consistently on Short’s Cast because they are beautiful people with golden voices and the handshake between Short’s and the Good Humans of planet earth!

Our beer release this week is Bludgeon Yer Eye and that is brought to you by our Northern Michigan Beer Liberator Rachel Payne. She gives us a little background on the specs of the beer and inspiration behind the name.

The music for this episode is provided by The Muteflutes from West Michigan. Their songs are entitled “The American Dream” and “Wake Up Wake Up”. We hope you can make it out to the pub and check out the great live music we have going on!