Short’s Spotlight: Dawn Baggs

This week we’re shining a literal spotlight (no really, she works exclusively at night) on Dawn Baggs. Dawn has been with Short’s for just over a year and her contribution is vital to the team. Get to know Dawn and what she does, below.

What’s your name? What do people call you? What do you call yourself?
DawnMarie Baggs. People usually call me Dawn or DawnMarie, I call myself Dawn.

How long have you been with Short’s and in what roles?
Today is my one year anniversary at Short’s! My role here at Short’s is the cleaner.  I clean the Short’s Production Facility, the Pub, and the Tiffany Lounge. 

Give us the short story of your life before your Short’s story began.
I was born in Detroit and transplanted here (Rapid City) at the age of 5. I am a 1997 graduate of Kalkaska High School. I started cleaning in 1998 while in college and found it to be something that I was good at, so I stuck with it!

What is your favorite thing about living in Northern Michigan?
I love Northern Michigan because it’s home and always will be. It’s the most beautiful place on the planet! (I think.)

Which beer (or cider) style best describes your personality?
I would say Local’s would fit my personality best. The light pilsen malt lends a soft and subtle flavor and finishes crisp and clean<—- haha clean get it.

Where is your favorite place to drink a Short’s beer, and what beer would you be drinking?
I love to drink Short’s brews anytime, but my most favorite time is after a softball game or practice. I hate to pick just one favorite beer, but if I had to it would be Strawberry Short’s Cake!

We hear you’re training for a pretty big race, how is that going?
I am training for a 10k in April and hope to complete a half marathon in May. Training has been a bit complicated due to our crazy weather but i’m getting there.

Have you always been a runner? Or is this new?
I have NEVER been a runner unless it was around bases, I’m a softball player and have been playing since I was 6. I continue to play to this day! Running is very new to me.

What was your inspiration to start running?
An extreme loss inspired my running. I got the call that I lost a very important person to me and my first thought was that I wanted to run, just run. So I started running!

What has been the most rewarding part of your training thus far?
The most rewarding part of running to date is that I actually trained for and ran a 5k and finished it! To me it’s not about medals or placing now, it’s just about seeing and crossing finish lines …. and maybe enjoying a cold beer at the end.

Who or what inspires you and why?
I would say the the biggest inspiration in my life was and always will be my dad. He was my biggest supporter and my best friend.

What’s your favorite thing or idea right now?
My favorite thing is music. I love to listen to, watch, and play music. I can’t imagine life without it!