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Short’s Spotlight: Kc Pavlichek

As we gear up for summertime in Bellaire we’re paying tribute to one of our favorite kitchen faces, Kc Pavlichek. Holding down the deli turned kitchen for four years and…

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Short’s Spotlight: Emily Kwekel

It’s a new year and now that we’ve finally got our bearings (no more writing “2016” at the tops of our papers for this crew), we’re ready to shine the…

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Short’s Spotlight: Craig Buechel

On this week’s edition of Short’s spotlight, we give you Craig Buechel! Craig works in the kitchen at our pub crafting tasty foods to pair with Short’s brews and Starcut…

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Short’s Spotlight: Dawn Baggs

This week we’re shining a literal spotlight (no really, she works exclusively at night) on Dawn Baggs. Dawn has been with Short’s for just over a year and her contribution…

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