Stouts, DIPAs, and ciders, oh my! Our Recommendations for Your Next Mixed Six

Stouts, DIPAs, and ciders, oh my! We’ve got no shortage of beers and Starcut Ciders headed to the field this month and it’s time to get to tasting. Read on to learn all about our picks for your February / March Short’s and Starcut Ciders mixed-six.

Uncle Steve’s Irish Stout (5.8 % ABV – 20 IBU): Originally brewed by request for everyone’s favorite uncle, Steve Ison, this traditional Irish Stout is one of the most true to style beers we brew. Available now while supplies last, this dark, smooth, and dry Stout is seriously good sipping. Pick up a sixer for now and stash one away for St. Paddy’s Day.

Cat’s Pajamas (9.0% ABV – 71 IBU): If the thought of cats wearing pajamas doesn’t immediately intrigue you, the flavor of this Double India Pale Ale is sure to make your tastebuds dance. Best described as the love child of Anniversary Ale and Freedom of ‘78, Cat’s Pajamas is brewed with a “YUGE” amount of blood orange and guava. If you’re into sweet, fruity, resiny IPA’s, you’ve got to try this brew. Originally brewed for our friends at HopCat, Cat’s Pajamas will be distributed throughout our expanded Great Lakes Region distribution footprint (Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin).
P.S. Unless you have a particularly docile feline, we do not recommend you try to recreate this beer’s label art.

Erraticus Elita (6.5% ABV): To commemorate another year of brewing Michigan’s finest ciders, we’re releasing a super limited sparkling, bottle conditioned blend of 5 barrel aged ciders called Erraticus Elita. Similar in mouthfeel to a sparkling wine or champagne, this rose colored cider has scents and flavors of funky apple, oak, and just a touch of tart currant. Erraticus Elita will be released Saturday, February 25th, 2017 at our 2nd Annual Starcut Ciders Celebration. $18.00 per bottle, no limit. This cider will only be available at the pub.

Bellaire Brown (7% ABV – 19 IBU): What’s a mixed six without one of our Flagship brews? We won’t be finding out this time! Rain or shine, warm or cold, Bellaire Brown is one of our very favorite beers. With notes of roast, toast, and coffee, Bellaire Brown is the perfect brew to share with friends or to pair with an afternoon of grilling. Brewed for Bellaire and now available for you, Bellaire Brown can be found in 12 oz bottles and on tap year round throughout our expanded distribution footprint (Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin).

Publican Porter (8.2% ABV – 60 IBU): If you ask us, February and March are still Porter season. Announced in early January, we made just enough room in our 2017 Release Schedule to brew and share two beers, Publican Porter and Chief Hopper, with independent accounts in our home state of Michigan. To be released in March, Publican Porter, was originally brewed as a part of our Imperial Beer Series. Scoring a solid 92 on BeerAdvocate and listed as one of the top 50 Porters on RateBeer, we highly recommend you get your hands on a six-pack of Publican Porter.

Lil’ Wheezy (6.6% ABV – 76 IBU): Last, but not least, we give you a heavily hopped Amber Lager we call Lil’ Wheezy. Originally fermented from the final runnings of The Wizard, Lil’ Wheezy is light-bodied and has earthy hop flavors imparted by the use of Falconer’s Flight hops. Accompanied by three bottles each of

London FogTwisted Cain, and Pontius Road Pilsner, you can now find Lil’ Wheezy on store shelves in our newest variety pack. Look for the light blue box to get your taste of these four Short’s brews.