Stuff your Stockings with Short’s

Saint Nicholas has been stuffing stockings since the early 1800’s. As the story goes, he started the tradition to help a father who was having trouble making ends meet. His three daughters’ freshly washed stockings were drying by the fire. Knowing the man was too proud to accept his help, St. Nick slid down their chimney and dropped shiny gold coins in each of the stockings. The next morning, to the girls’ delight, the gifts were discovered and the family had a very merry day indeed. And the rest is history!

If you’re trying to capture the magic of the holidays for your favorite beer lover, feast your eyes on our carefully crafted special stocking combinations.

Sports fans, pet lovers, and outdoor adventurers rejoice! You’ll be happy as a girl with gold on Christmas morning if you find your stocking stuffed with these goodies.

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