Suds & Snow

We’re headed into the woods of Traverse City to talk about this years Suds & Snow Festival at Timber Ridge Resort. This is the 9th Annual Suds & Snow and Short’s has been a part of this festival since the beginning. Bridgett and Gillian sit down with David Truax and Sarah Bozarth, two crucial members of the Festival and Events team. They are just returning for the Winter Beer Fest in Grand Rapids so they’ve got this winter beer festival thing down. They talk about the perks and challenges of this type of event.

In our second segment we are joined by three of the four managers of Suds & Snow, our very own podcast producer, Mike Moran, Troy Daily, and Jeremy Smith. These three along with John Stocki are in their first year of managing and operating Suds and Snow. We talk about the changes to this year’s event from live music and the number of breweries to logisitics and what it takes to make Suds & Snow the ultimate “Party in the Woods.” Tickets are still available at

Brewer Al Russell reads this weeks beer release, Woodmaster!

Our original music in this episode is from Abigail Stauffer who will be performing at the pub on March 7th. You’ll here her songs “Better Off Alone” and “Mine” from her album “Where I’m Going.”

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