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Short’sest Month Closing Party @ Horrocks Lansing!

Horrocks Lansing will be pouring Huma Lupa Licious for the whole month of February, alongside other amazing Short’s offerings for the Short’sest Month of the Year! Every Friday, they’ll be…

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How Slurmy Can We Get? Slurm Lord Now Available

The New England style India Pale Ale craze hasn’t gone unnoticed here at SBC headquarters. Whether we’re personally into naturally bright beer or slightly sludgy Ale’s, you’ll never know. What…

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Express Delivery From Our Shiny Metal Tanks: It’s Slurm!

Hey Michigan, if you’ve been jonesing for a Short’sified New England style India Pale Ale, today’s your lucky day! With juicy fruit aromas, ample hop bitterness, and a haze that…

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