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August Live at the Beer Garden!

August is a five-piece soul-pop band rooted in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Since their 2018 debut, August hit the ground running, performing at many sought-after venues and festivals across West Michigan….

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Randy Reszka Live at the Pub!

Solo Jazz guitarist…. “I have been playing jazz guitar for over thirty years, and I’m sure I have never played any tune the same way twice. That’s how it works…

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Jakey T Live at the Pub!

Jakey Thomas is an eccentric singer, guitarist, and entertainer from Northern Michigan. On his own or together with his “drummer” Clyde (a loop pedal), Jakey plays a variety of classics,…

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Jack Elliott Live at the Pub!

Jack Elliott is a seasoned musician having played for many years in a variety of bands and configurations. He blends acoustic-style guitar, a rich resinous voice, years of musical experience,…

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Calling all pub grub taste testers!

Greetings pub-goers from far-and-wide! You’ve tried the Short’s Greatest Hits Menu Volume 1 & 2, now it’s time for us to bring you Volume 3. But first, we need to…

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Change is Hard . . . The Short’s Pub Expansion

It wasn’t easy, but the Short’s pub expansion in Bellaire has been completed. Bridgett and Woj sit down with CEO Joe Short, Project Manager Chris Clore, and Head Chef Luke Meredith…

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