Calling all pub grub taste testers!

Greetings pub-goers from far-and-wide! You’ve tried the Short’s Greatest Hits Menu Volume 1 & 2, now it’s time for us to bring you Volume 3. But first, we need to do a little testing, taste testing that is. This is where it gets fun. Over the next couple of months, we will be rotating items on and off of the menu to get feedback from our staff, friends, and family.

One of the awesomest new things on the menu? Our latest original pizzas! We called up Sam the Scientist’s friend, Arlo (he’s a pretty incredible baker). He came in and collaborated with our Head Chef, Luke, and Forrest, our Cellar Manager, (he has some kick butt kitchen skills) about what makes a pizza great, and we went back to the foundation to build our new pizzas. Now we have fresh dough, made in house with our flagship lager, Local’s! Of course the crust was just the beginning, and now the kitchen has created a whole slew of new specialty pizzas with the kind of toppings that dreams are made of.

That’s not it though, there are plenty of new shareable plates and other items to taste, so this is where we need you. Come into the pub and give these new items a try. Then, tell us what you think! Our Pubtenders are stacked with comment cards and we want you to fill them out. Let us know what you loved, what you didn’t like, what you miss, or what you hope to see. We’re going to take all of this into consideration and then introduce the Short’s Greatest Hits Menu Volume 3.