That’s Sooo Extreme!

Welcome to episode #13 of Short’s Cast, where we consider the number 13 to be very lucky! That of course is also the number of beer in our imperial beer series that will be brewed and re-released at the 10 Year Anniversary Party on April 26th. We hope to see you on this epic day in Bellaire to celebrate Short’s beer and all the great people who made Short’s Brewing Company what it is today. Speaking of great people, this week our CEO Joe Short, Head Brewer Tony Hansen, and COO Matt Drake sit down with Pauline and talk about what “Extreme” means to Short’s Brewing Company. Short’s beers are often known to be extreme, but the recipes are not necessary developed just to be extreme, they are developed to be unique and fun! We hope you enjoy this interview with this power trio.

Pauline also headed out to Boston last week and represented Short’s at the Extreme Beer Festival.  While out there, she spoke with the founders of Beer Advocate, a cast of characters from Funky Budda Brewing Company, and Troeg’s Brewing Company.

Music this week is provided by Nicholas James and the Band Wagon. Throughout the show you will hear their songs “Saturday Night” and “Great Big Dream”. They will perform at the brewpub in Bellaire on April 5th at 8pm

Events this week are read by our CFO, Brian Beckwith, who’s arm we finally twisted enough to get on the show…and what a fabulous job he did!

Woj steps in and gives us the dish on Vareity Pack 5.0 which hits stores very soon. We’ve got some great beers in this variety pack including: Stroker AceWitt HappensNight Wheeler, and Kolsch 45.