Unwrapping Crowlers at the Pub

A couple of months ago, Joe Short sat down to craft his yearly letter to the big man in the North Pole. After consulting with various departments here at Short’s and enjoying a couple cold Humas, Joe knew just what he wanted to request from our jolly friend. A present that wouldn’t be used just one day a year, but a gift that would keep on giving!

So Joe wrote:

On behalf of all of us here at Short’s, we would like to ask you for a Crowler Machine. If you bring us this shiny new toy, we’ll be sure to share it with all those who make the trek to Bellaire in the form of handy dandy, 32oz cans filled right on the spot!

Sealed with a “Michigan Only, Michigan Forever” sticker and deposited in the mailbox, the letter was on its way. Joe could only hope that Santa would fulfill our Christmas wish!

And on Christmas morning, Joe awoke to the greatest surprise. A call from Erin Kuethe, General Manager at the pub, regarding the seemingly magical arrival of two large boxes inside the pub. Erin questioned Joe, “Do you know what these are? Or where they came from? They’re adorned with two big red bows.” Joe knew instantly, a kindred bearded spirit had made a special, unannounced stop at the pub and fulfilled his wish. Santa Claus had delivered us not one, but two crowler machines.

Now installed at the pub, two b-e-a-utiful crowler machines are up and running. Crowlers can  be filled with any of our on tap brews or Starcut Ciders (excluding beers served on Nitro). Crowlers (32 oz cans) are game changers in the world of to go beer as they can be enjoyed on the boat, on the trail, or at the beach without the risk of broken glass.

So next time you find yourself at the pub enjoying a delicious brew and thinking “Gosh, I wish I could drink this at home”, ask your friendly pubtender to fix you up a crowler to go.

P.S. Santa wanted us to remind everyone to please recycle their crowler can after emptying.