The Woodmaster

Welcome to another episode of Short’s Cast, the podcast that brings you the stories behind the people and beer of Short’s Brewing Company. Today we learn the story of The Woodmaster, Bill Sohn. This interview reveals the relationship between Bill and Joe Short. Bill was absolutely vital in helping shape Short’s. His craftsmanship is everywhere at Short’s, especially the pub, which is why we call him The Woodmaster.

Later on in the interview we hear about the beer, The Woodmaster, and the story behind the label. There are a few beers brewed in tribute to the Sohn family and you’ll have to tune in to this episode if you want to have the edge in your next Short’s Beer Trivia night (Is that a thing?…maybe).

Our Beer Release this week is Chatterbox, part of this year’s Pale Ale Series. You can find more information about upcoming beer releases, events, and live music at