The Woods & Water of Antrim County

COOL PEOPLE ALERT!!!! That’s right the type of people who make this world a better place. This is a Short’s Cast devoted to highlighting some great organizations right here in Antrim County. Matt Drake joins Bridgett Beckwith to host this episode and first they sit down with Haley Breniser who is the Executive Director of Grass River Natural Area in Bellaire, Michigan. She talks about her role at Grass River educating the public on the trails and studies they are a part of. They also maintain the trails for all of us to enjoy.

Next we bring in one of our pubtenders, Dianna Robinson, who is also the Office Administrator at the Antrim County Conservation District. She gives us some insight on what the Conservation District does in helping county residents deal with things like soil erosion, invasive Species, and much more. She just designed a beautiful website that you can visit here at

Matt Drake then heads to Traverse City to talk about the Long and Short’s Bike Tour with John Roe, Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association President and Communications Director, Dave Waeltz. The Long and Short’s is a Mountain bike ride that takes place on June 20th. It includes delicious Short’s Beer, live music from Brady Corcoran, and camping for all. Check out the event website,

The music in this podcast is provided by Don Julin and Bill Stings, you’ll hear their songs “Long Journey Home” and “Red Haired Boy.” Check them out at

This week’s beer release is one of summer’s favorites…Nicie Spicie! This summer wheat beer is making its seasonal return and is now available on shelves everywhere in the great state of Michigan.