Worldly Beers in Our Cups

You may have noticed, there’s a bit of a football (aka soccer) tournament going on in Brazil right now. Pubs and taprooms have been filling up with fans old and new, cheering on the US of A, or whatever team holds their allegiance.

While Short’s itself is made up of both soccer fans and non-fans, there is one thing we can all agree on – we love beer. Just for fun (because we like to have fun), we took a few countries participating in the World Cup and matched one of our beers to the country of choice.

Kolsch 45

german-flagKölsch beer originated in Cologne, Germany and is unique in that it is a warm fermented ale, but is aged like most traditional German lagers at a cool temperature. As you taste Kolsch 45, you’ll notice that the head retains prominent, pleasant aromas. Light Pilsen and Munich malt aid in the crisp, refreshing nature of this beer. Hop bitterness is present without adding a lingering resonance. We call penalty if this easy-drinking brew doesn’t hit the spot while you are spectating!

Available in the 2014 summer variety pack.

The Magician

englandThe Magician is a lustrous dark-red London Ale with a rich grain bill. The grain combination lends complex notes of toasted caramel, raisins, chocolate, and roasted toffee. Very light hop additions let the true malt characters show throughout this beer. Think red beers are not your cup of tea? Try the Magician, it’s brilliant!

Often available on tap at the pub.

Cerveza de Julie

1400px-Flag_of_Mexico.svgCerveza de Julie is a pale yellow Mexican Lager brewed with real lime. Delicate yeasty aromas gather quickly from the ample amount of carbonation in this lighter bodied beer style. Soft grain sweetness enhanced by unobtrusive lime qualities bring out a subtle snappy tartness, which turns mildly bitter before a crisp refreshing finish. Need something nice and refreshing to keep your cool during soccer-viewing mayhem? Grab a Cerveza de Julie!

Available in 12 packs throughout the summer.

While our home team has since departed the competition, there are plenty of other nations to get behind. France is all that and a bag of chips. Netherlands is on fire, but Belgium may be a dark horse…let’s discuss over a pint!