Short’s Brewing Company Announces Production Facility Expansion and New Canning Line

Short’s Brewing Company announces the expansion of their Elk Rapids production facility. This expansion will include installation of a new canning line, additional fermentation tanks, upgrades to brewing systems, and new office space.

Fueled by strengthening sales in the last half of 2017 and early 2018, Short’s is excited to install a new canning line in April to package current flagship products and new seasonal items in both six packs and 12 packs, including the wildly popular Soft Parade Shandy. The new KHS canner will have the capacity to fill 225 cans per minute alongside additional equipment manufactured by Design Machine Manufacturing, Mumm Products, Arrowhead Conveyance, and Ska Fabricating. The new can filling line was manufactured in the USA and will double the current packaging capacity of the Short’s production facility. The canning line will be accompanied by a 30% increase in fermentation tank capacity which will be commissioned simultaneously with the canner’s startup.

According to the Director of Quality, Tyler Glaze, ”The BFT cellar and this new state of the art can filling line will increase the quality and integrity of our canned products as well as the efficiency of our overall operation. We are currently packaging as fast as we can and this canner will boost our ability to get beer to thirsty people. It’s also a huge point of pride to be able to source an awesome can filling line using machines manufactured in the United States.”

With the production facility expansion, Short’s is in the process of adding at least eight new positions including two new members of the Packaging Team, one new Cellar Worker, one additional Brewer, and one additional Quality Team member. To strengthen their commitment to existing markets, Short’s has also added three new positions to the Sales Team to ensure representation in every state within their current Great Lakes distribution footprint. Short’s has also transitioned their Illinois distribution partnerships to Windy City, RJ Distributing, Koerner Distributor, Hayes Beer Distributing, and Euclid Beverage.

When asked about distribution and sales, Scott Newman-Bale, partner, said “We are delighted at the position and growth throughout our current territory. We are grateful that natural growth is allowing us to focus on making existing markets better rather than having to add a large amount of new territories.”

Financing for the expansion which totalled approximately $2 million was provided by Traverse City State Bank.

8 thoughts on “Short’s Brewing Company Announces Production Facility Expansion and New Canning Line”

  1. Ryan Hairston says:

    When will the new positions be posted to the public?

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      All open positions are posted on our Careers page of the website.

  2. Eric Schwarzkopf says:

    Will Huma cans ever come in 12 or 15 packs

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      Yes! Huma Lupa Licious can 12 packs are now hitting Michigan store shelves.

  3. Lauren says:

    Will Shorts ever come to California? Please?

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      No plans currently but stay tuned to our website for any distribution expansion announcements. We hope you can visit the Great Lakes Region soon!

  4. Jerry L. Robbins says:

    we visited the pub last year on our first visit of northern Mich. We was pontooning on Lake Bellaire we was hungry and thirsty we found a oasis in a little town of Bellaire unheard of from another little town of Fletcher Ohio, We was excited the first step into the Pub we had the best time that night between the four of us four pizza’s some of the best beers from the flights to pitchers we will meet again the second week of July 2019.

    1. Angela Seefried says:

      Thanks for sharing, Jerry! We look forward to you visiting us again!

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