Starcut Ciders Now Available in Bottles!

Starcut Ciders, a new division of Short’s Brewing Company, is now available on store shelves throughout the mitten state! Originally introduced at our pub in Bellaire, MI in the fall of 2014, Starcut Ciders was distributed in kegs statewide beginning in May 2015. After a summer of preparation and many long days, you can now enjoy Starcut Ciders Octorock, Pulsar, and Squishy right from the bottle!

Distribution of Octorock, a semi-sweet cider and Pulsar, a semi-dry cider began on August 30th, 2015. Squishy, our first seasonal release is a semi-sweet cider made from a late season blend of apples, Balaton, and Montmorency cherries from King Orchards (you can read about the cherries and our trip to King Orchards, here). Released this week, six-packs of Squishy are now available on store shelves.

The label illustrations for both Starcut Ciders flagships and Squishy were created by artist and designer, Don Pendleton. Starcut Ciders is distributed by Imperial Beverage, who has distributed Short’s beer for over a decade. For more information on Starcut Ciders, please visit Find Starcut Ciders on tap and at stores near you using our Starcut Ciders locator.



8 thoughts on “Starcut Ciders Now Available in Bottles!”


    Please bring this cider to florida I can’t find it any where.

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      Unfortunately we do not currently distribute in Florida, but we never say never! You can currently find Starcut Ciders in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Colorado.

    2. Tracy says:

      Just tried this at Oak & Stone in Bradenton FL and it’s awesome!

      1. Short's Brewing Company says:

        Hey Tracy – glad to hear you liked our cider, we are excited to be in Florida! Cheers

  2. Cheryl Dybalski says:

    Can’t drink your wonderful delicious beer now due to Celiac disease. But just love your Startup Ciders! Pulsar is my favorite and I’m having a hard time finding it at my local stores here in Oxford, MI. Is it a seasonal cider? I hope I can find Pulsar soon!

  3. Lauren says:

    Do you sell in MA? I had this cider and it’s all I can think about now!! If not can I get it shipped?

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      Unfortunately we do not currently distribute in MA and we’re not legally able to ship to customers. You can find our ciders in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Colorado. Hopefully you’re able to come to the Great Lakes Region soon and stock up. Cheers!

  4. Rachelle Pratt says:

    Love the Squishy and the name!

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