Short’s Brewing Co. Announces New Seasonal, The Double Magician

Short’s Brewing Company announces the distribution of a new seasonal beer, The Double Magician. A double version of staple brew and fan favorite, The Magician, The Double Magician is slated to be released on Halloween.

The Double Magician (8.1% ABV – 49 IBU) is a Double London-Style Red Ale. Deep mahogany in color with an off white head, The Double Magician has aromas of toffee, light citrus, and just a hint of roast. The Double Magician is medium-bodied with flavors of raisin, toffee, and a slight hop bitterness. The finish is balanced and dry.

Named in honor of Short’s Partner, Scott Newman-Bale, The Magician was originally brewed at Short’s Bellaire pub in 2007. A double version of the Magician was conceived by the Short’s Brewing Company executive team as a new seasonal offering in Summer 2016.

According to CEO and Creative Engineer, Joe Short “The Magician came to mind when looking to fill a late fall/early winter slot in our seasonal release schedule, but we decided that it wasn’t quite burly enough on its own to fill the “winter warming” criteria we were looking for. At that point it became clear to us that if we doubled up on The Magician, it would not only be an amazing beer and fit the bill perfectly, but it would pay homage to the magic man himself. I mean, one dose of Scooter is enough to get us through our day, but a double version of The Magician gives us enough Scooter power to do anything.”

The Double Magician will be released in bottles first at the Short’s Brewing Company pub and Short’s Mart in Bellaire, MI on Friday, October 28th. Statewide distribution will begin on Monday, October 31st, with distribution to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin to follow.

5 thoughts on “Short’s Brewing Co. Announces New Seasonal, The Double Magician”

  1. George Seifried says:

    Is Short’s adding a new location on Ames Street, next to Fisher Insurance? I noticed several stainless steel tanks being installed there.
    I’d love to see a tasting/eating location for Short’s in ER!!! Let me know how my friends and I can support Short’s in ER.

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      Hey George,

      Sorry for the late reply! We aren’t refurbishing the location you’re referring to on Ames Street and we have no plans to open an Elk Rapids pub at this time.

  2. Tony G says:

    Double Magician is amazing. Two thumbs way up. Great job.

  3. Ray Brezina says:

    Where around Traverse City is Double Magician available and for what time period? I just purchased their last 6 pak at Meijers in Acme and hope to buy more. Please make it available year round it is Great!

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      The Beverage Company is always a great spot to check for our seasonal and specialty releases in Traverse City. We’ll have this around for a few more weeks, so make sure you stock up while you can!

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