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Life is Short’s, Drink it While You’re Here.

“I’ve always been driven by what I believe is possible.”— Joe Short

We built our brewery in our favorite corner of the world because loving where we live is key to loving what we do. Head down the rabbit hole with us, and discover how we are crafting the world we want to live (and drink) in.

Joe Short, with a curly mustache and twinkle in his eye, stands in front of the Short's Elk Rapids location

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Always Available

Our always available, hardest working legacy brews. The beers that put (and keep) us on the map.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Try: Local’s Light, Thirst Mutilator, or Psychedelic Cat Grass


Find these Seasonal offerings for a few months, stock up while you can!

Not Sure Where to Start?

Try: Pure Michigan Spring Hazy, Soft Parade Shandy, Mule Beer

Limited Releases

Buckle up, tastebuds, things are about to get delicious. Here’s where you’ll find the weirdest, wackiest, most innovative side of the Short’s

Not Sure Where to Start?

Try: Prolonged Enjoyment, Aww Jeah, or Local’s Lime.

Let’s Share A Drink.

The Pub

Bellaire, MI

The mothership. What once was a humble hardware store was transformed by tenacity, love, and a whole lotta Ween into a half block of absolute magic. (Plus we’ve got a Beer Garden across the street.) It’s where great staff, great food, great beer, and Good Humans come together. Come lose some time with us.

  • Sun–Thurs: 11:00AM–10:00PM
  • Fri–Sat: 11:00AM–11:00PM
121 N. Bridge St. Bellaire, MI 49615
Kitchen Hours
  • Sun–Thurs: 11:00AM–9:00PM
  • Fri–Sat: 11:00AM–10:00PM
Photo of the exterior of Short's Brewing's Bellaire, Michigan pub

The Pull Barn

Elk Rapids, MI

The big facility. Surrounded by three lakes (one is pretty Great) with a beach across the street, expanding production here was an easy yes. The freshest kegs and stellar sunsets led to us adding a tap room and beer garden to share with y’all also.

Pull Barn Hours
  • Mon–Sun: 11:00AM–10:00PM
211 Industrial Park Dr. Elk Rapids, MI 49629
Shipping and Receiving from 8:30-4:30pm Monday-Friday
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