August Mixed Sixer (or Sevener)

It’s August. It’s hot. And you need a beer. How badly do you need a beer? Really really badly. And we’re here to help. With about a bagillion new beers making their way to store shelves each week, we wanted to make your next beer buying trip just a little bit easier with this month’s edition of Short’s Mixed Six (or seven)!

Here are six new beers you should be drinking this month!

Short’s new Variety Pack

Kölsch 45: If you like true to style beers, Kölsch 45 is for you! Kölsch 45 is a unique warm fermented ale, that is aged like most traditional German Lagers at a cool temperature. Perfect for easy drinking, find Kölsch 45 in our recently released Variety Pack.      

Blanco Suave: We first introduced Blanco Suave at last year’s Short’s Fest, and boy was it a hit. This Belgian Style White Ale brewed with lime, agave, coriander, tangerine peel, and grains of paradise is deeeeeelicious and perfect for a summer day. Drink it, watch this video, and enjoy.

Mule Beer: We love beer. We also love cocktails. How do we enjoy both at once? Cocktail inspired beers! Try Mule Beer, an Experimental American Blonde Ale brewed with lime and ginger designed to mimic the flavors of a Moscow Mule. Take it from us, this beer is best served in a copper mug.

Guess the Dry Hop Local’s: Do you like Local’s Light? Do you like Citra Locals? Do you like boats, water, or guessing things? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you MUST try Guess the Dry Hop Local’s. We’ve taken our favorite Light Lager, Local’s Light and brewed it with a twist. Buy it, try it, and guess the hop online at Be the first to guess the additional hop correctly and win a prize!

Other new and upcoming releases

Autumn Ale: On Monday August 1st, we announced the release of our fall seasonal, Autumn Ale. We’re not wishing away summer, but we’re always looking forward to whatever is on the horizon. Autumn Ale, a super duper, Extra Special Bitter, will be pouring from taps and gracing store shelves for the next couple of months. P.S. If you’re a fan of beautiful label art, look no further. The label artwork for Autumn Ale, created by Tanya Whitley is absolutely striking.    

Key Lime Pie: Coming soon! Key Lime Pie, our award winning Experimental Ale made with fresh limes, milk sugar, graham cracker, and marshmallow fluff, will be making its way to store shelves throughout our expanded distribution footprint beginning on Monday, August 8th. If you dig Strawberry Short’s Cake, be sure to pick up a sixer of this brew.   

BONUS: If they made a “seven-pack” a standard unit of beer consumption, we’d be happy campers as we have SEVEN beers we’re recommending you indulge in this month.

On August 17th, we’ll be packaging, distributing, and stocking Psychedelic Cat Grass, a  dry hopped American India Pale Ale. Allowing you to enjoy this beer on the day it was packaged; resulting in out-of-this world freshness. Psychedelic Cat Grass will be released six-packs in very limited quantities in Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania with just a handful of kegs for special events. Stay tuned to our social media channels and website for more information! You can check out our original #WithoutDelayIPA press release, here.